MST3K Is Getting a Second Season on Netflix

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<i>MST3K</i> Is Getting a Second Season on Netflix

Happy Turkey Day, one and all! Thanksgiving has always been an important day for the lore of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and this announcement only adds another chapter to the mythos. Just announced, at the end of the annual MST3K Turkey Day marathon comes this blockbuster: The MST3K revival is getting a second season on Netflix! No release date yet, but it’s safe to say it should be in “the not-too-distant future.” Check out the brand new announce video below, which just aired at the end of the Turkey Day marathon, as Joel Hodgson, Jonah Ray and Felicia Day “react” to the news. Looks like Jonah’s finally going to be able to afford that rowboat he’s had his eyes on. You can feel the familial love in the air.

2017 was obviously a huge year for the MST3K faithful, as the show aired its first new episodes since 1999 when the first season of the revival, pegged as MST3K: The Return, aired on Netflix. That season went on to record a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. You can read our interview with the cast in front of that season here, and also our ranking of every season 11 episode here. And of course, while you’re at it, you’d be remiss not to revisit our massive ranking of all 191 episodes in MST3K history.

Additional details about the new season are scarce, but it will return exclusively on Netflix in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The season will be produced by Joel Hodgson, Elliott Kalan, Richard Foos, Bob Emmer, Garson Foos, Jonathan Stern, and Harold Buchholz, and is produced by Satellite of Love, LLC, Alternaversal Productions, LLC and Abominable Pictures—that sounds like a Cry Wilderness-appropriate title if we’ve ever heard one.

To all the MSTies in the house: We did it! Sleep the sleep of the just tonight. And because it’s still technically Turkey Day in much of the U.S., we close with the eternal debate of Stuffing vs. Potatoes.