Watch Reggie Watts Play the Incompetent Science Teacher He Was Meant to Be

Comedy Video Reggie Watts
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Multi-instrumentalist Reggie Watts is widely recognized for his comedic and musical genius, but far fewer are aware of his other notable talent: knowing absolutely nothing about science. In the series premiere of “Teach,” from the comedy collective JASH, Watts finally demonstrates this impressive ignorance, giving what might be the greatest lecture ever delivered to a high school science class.

Nowhere else will you learn key, Watts-exclusive facts like where to find the sub-atomic tauntaun particle or what the real fastest thing in the universe is (hint: it’s not sound). He even addresses the rarely broached subject of cellular bigotry, taking a firm stand against cellulism. Perhaps most importantly, however, Watts imparts the essential lesson that high school sucks and ditching class to drink is way more fun. Check it out above.