Go Inside "Pickle Rick" in New Rick and Morty Featurette

Comedy Video Rick and Morty
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“Pickle Rick” was arguably already a classic Rick and Morty line before the eponymous episode even aired, and now that it has, the Adult Swim team are going in-depth to show us why Rick Sanchez saw fit to transform himself into … well, a sentient pickle.

The beauty of Rick and Morty is that such a seemingly stupid question belies a great deal of emotional and intellectual depth. As co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, and writers Mike McMahan and Ryan Ridley explain, Rick would rather physically change himself into a foodstuff and fight his way through countless rats and Russian criminals, rather than emotionally changing himself by attending family therapy with his daughter and her children.

The show’s creative team explore the connection between Beth and her father, the threat posed to Rick by Susan Sarandon’s Dr. Wong—whom they refer to as “Rick’s greatest antagonist in the series so far,” suggesting we’ll be seeing much more of her—and sum up the episode in one silly sentence: “Therapy is a real pickle,” Roiland quips to conclude the clip.

Watch the featurette above, preview next week’s episode below, read our review of “Pickle Rick” here and get caught up on Rick and Morty season three right here. It’s a great show, broh.