Robert Dean Mourns an Italian Fried Dough Man in This Exclusive Album Preview

Comedy Audio Robert Dean
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Rest in power, Zeppole Guy.

In this track from his upcoming album (It's Not Easy) Being Dean, Robert Dean tells the sad story of a local sausage cart's cruel indifference to the death of a crucial member of the team. How would you feel if you walked up to your favorite local sausage cart to get some of that Italian fried dough that you loved, only to find out in a very cavalier and disrespectful way that the Italian fried dough man had died? It'd be a trauma, I tell you what. It's frankly amazing that Dean was able to soldier through and craft a pretty great little routine about that exact scenario.

Who's Robert Dean, anyway? Well, he's this guy: a professional comedian with a solid list of festival slots, TV appearances and praise from the press. His album, taped live at last year's New York Comedy Festival, will be out on April 12 through Sure Thing Records. And if you want to learn more about Mr. Dean, go find him on Twitter or on either of his two Instagram accounts @BeingDean and @RobertDeanagram.

In the meantime, listen to the track above, pre-order the album and make sure you hug your Italian fried dough man next time you see him.