SNL's Target Ad Accurately Predicts Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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This Thursday is going to be tough for a lot of us. Thanksgiving will be the first time millions of Americans have to be around their family since the election, which means what should be a fun, happy holiday devoted to extreme gluttony and inevitable gas pain will instead be fraught with the tension of political debate. For Americans still reeling over Trump’s election (which, I mean, we’re Paste, so we know exactly how you feel, friends), this promises to be an even more stressful post-election Thanksgiving than usual. Saturday Night Live realizes that, and in this video from last night’s episode the show accurately predicts how you’ll be spending a good chunk of your trip home this week. You might feel a little bit dirty about how shameless this product placement is (notice the parody in this fake Target ad is never once directed at Target itself, which is a big tip off that this is one of those new-fangled “branded content” sketches that will be popping up more frequently on the show) but the central conceit is strong and true and funny and oh my God how the hell did that man win and how I am expected to have a nice pleasant dinner while my parents and aunts and uncles gloat about Trump and Jesus Christ I have to get out of this place, if only there was somewhere to go and just loiter until it’s 2020…