Watch SNL Mock Self-Isolating Liberals and the "Not My President" Mentality

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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We don’t like it any more than you do, but it’s a fact: Donald Trump is going to be our president.

(Okay, sorry, just had to clean a bunch of vomit off our keyboard again. These keys are getting really sticky and gummed up over these last couple of weeks.)

Barring unforeseen, unthinkable developments, Trump’s going to be our president. There’s a natural urge among liberals and progressives to run from this incoming reality as far as possible, or at least to insulate themselves from Trump’s America by only living among each other. Of course, Trump’s rise and this entire election wouldn’t have been so shocking if Americans didn’t already isolate themselves by political leanings, if not entirely on the basis of geography than by the news we believe and media we consume. This Saturday Night Live video from last night’s episode mocks both the isolationist liberal mentality and the current political division in our country, getting in a few solid jabs at self-congratulatory liberal piety amid a litany of easy Brooklyn stereotypes. Watch the clip above and get ready to silently cringe every time you see a little bit of yourself.

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