Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Vacations and His Team's "Real News" Network

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Forget any other news outlet that isn’t Trump TV: Kayleigh McEnany, a former CNN commentator who will now be a talking head for Trump’s team, will tell us the real news from now on. While Trump is taking a golfing trip that shouldn’t even be considered a vacation in the slightest (meetings and calls!), the failing Late Night with Seth Meyers—a show that Trump is banned from—tried to discredit the most amazing president in history by calling him out as a hypocrite. Sad!

In all seriousness, we all know Trump has an affinity for hyperbole. There was perhaps nothing he did more on the campaign trail than knock Obama’s vacations and promise that he would never leave the White House if elected, which is a promise that he immediately broke, many times over. Thankfully, there are videos of him making this promise, and Late Night compiled just a few of them for our viewing pleasure.

“To be clear, I’m not criticizing Trump for taking vacations. I’m criticizing him for being a lying hypocrite,” explained Meyers after showing a clip of Trump inserting himself into a golf course wedding last week and immediately asking to see the bride. “Is there anything scarier than Trump walking into your wedding and going, ‘Where’s the bride?’” The answer is yes: President Trump walking into your wedding and asking for the bride.

Meyers also took on Trump TV. “That was like state news crossed with a school announcement,” Meyers said of McEnany’s news broadcast. “It’s pizza day in the cafeteria, but you won’t hear that from the failing New York Times.” We’d say that the broadcast was state news crossed with a school announcement that was also inspired by the government-approved news network from V for Vendetta.

Watch Meyers do a better job of breaking down the goings-on in the White House than most major news networks above.

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