Seth Meyers Takes on Trump's Nonsensical Response to Hurricane Irma, Bannon's Big Interview

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s response to Hurricane Irma, first slamming the president for his treatment of Irma as though it was a chance for the Coast Guard to get good brand recognition, and then moving on to his siding with Democrats on the debt ceiling issue.

Meyers’ main concern was the media and Republicans asking if his one tiny compromise made Trump an Independent. That is a very dumb idea, and Meyers treats it as such: “Donald Trump is not an Independent—the only thing he’s independent of is reality.”

Meyers’ focus then shifted to Steve Bannon and his 60 Minutes interview, or as Meyers referred to it, how he “slithered out from under his rock.”

He closed with a statement about the Republican establishment, and how they don’t recognize that Trump is very much the face of the entire party. “As much as the Republican establishment may resist, the GOP is now very much the party of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. They’ve had plenty of chances to dump him, and they haven’t. Not after firing Comey, not after Charlottesville, and certainly not after … ” followed by a clip of Bannon saying “Billy Bush weekend.”

Watch the full segment above.

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