Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Impeachment Rant at His Most Recent Unhinged Rally

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump's Impeachment Rant at His Most Recent Unhinged Rally

Quick refresher: Donald Trump is somehow our president, which means our current president is even more of a dumb criminal than they usually are. Seth Meyers is a late night talk show host, and he’s made politics his focus, at least to the extent that discussing politics today means pointing out how one party acts entirely and exclusively in bad faith. One of Meyers’ recurring segments is “A Closer Look,” where he talks for a good 10 minutes or so about something that recently happened in the world of politics, which, again, means it’s a solid 10 minutes of saying “look at how much of a dumb criminal our president is.” When those segments go up on YouTube, almost every pop culture website quickly embeds them in a post like this one, because people can’t get enough of those segments and will watch them through whatever website first crosses one of their social media feeds. Hopefully we can fit that bill for you today.

Donald Trump held a rally on Tuesday night. It was the exact same mix of lies, condescension, and outright sexism and racism that always makes up those things, with another heaping helping of the utterly incoherent nonsense that has become one of Trump’s defining characteristics. We don’t just have a dumb criminal for a president, but one who has clearly lost whatever mind he might’ve once had. This rally, of course, was conducted deep beneath the shadow of impeachment, as the House’s hearings are winding down and a vote is swiftly on its way. The Senate will almost definitely let Trump walk, but as Meyers points out, whatever happens Trump will still be only the third president to ever be impeached. The talk show host’s team edited all of Trump’s worst hits from the rally into an easily digestible format, and then Meyers responded at length to every stupid, venal, hateful thing he said. This is politics in the year 2019, and politics is entertainment in the year 2019. Check it out below if you want to feel just great about the world we live in today.

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