Watch Seth Meyers Take "A Closer Look" at Comey Tapes and Senate Trumpcare

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Trump recently admitted—in an extremely rambling, confusing way, even for him—that he never actually had any tapes of his and James Comey’s meetings, despite suggesting very strongly that he did on Twitter. While that was going on, the CBO determined that the Republicans’ new healthcare bill could leave up to 22 million Americans uninsured. GOP lawmakers are now saddled with the difficult task of making hurting millions of Americans popular. Naturally, Seth Meyers decided to dedicate last night’s “A Closer Look” segment to trying to figure out what the hell Trump is talking about, and how exactly the GOP intends to promote their shitty bill.

On the Comey tapes front, Meyers starts out by commenting that there’s no way Trump wrote his tweet about not making Comey tapes. Obviously, his lawyers had something to do with it.

“I love when you can tell Trump’s lawyers wrote something for him,” Meyers jokes. “I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that negotiation.” He mocks the way Trump probably tried to suggest they pin the tapes’ destruction on Mexico, because that’s the sort of leader we have now. Meyers then plays Trump’s interview with Fox News which Meyers’ (jokingly?) refers to as a “state media news outlet.” Meyers claims Trump’s nonsense response to the reporter’s question about Comey tapes as sounding like “someone dumped a box of magnetic poetry into a blender.”

The clip then shifts to look at the GOP’s terrible healthcare bill, which Meyers calls “comically villainous.” Meyers asserts that the bill is basically little more than a giant tax cut for the wealthy. Trump had privately called the bill “mean,” but supported it in public, until Obama said the same thing. When asked about Obama’s statement in an interview, Trump claimed Obama stole the phrase from him, negating all of his public support. Meyers quips that if Obama came out and said, “You know we should kill poor people and use their blood to lubricate golf carts,” Trump would claim that was his idea.

All in all, it’s just what we expect from Meyers nowadays: a well-written and funny look at our increasingly farcical government. Check out the full clip above.

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