Stephen Colbert Pesters Neil deGrasse Tyson to Give Pluto its Planet Status Back

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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As we saw with his groundbreaking public access interview of Eminem, Stephen Colbert is keeping his name in the news even as he bides his time before he takes the helm of the The Late Show in September. In his latest nod to the public, Colbert spent 14 minutes chatting with famed man of science Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The crux of their talk was a debate about Pluto’s planetary status. Now that we’ve seen beautiful images of the…interstellar rock…from the New Horizons probe, there’s a sentimental movement to have Pluto restored to its previous rank as a planet. As Colbert put it, we see the “icy visage in all its glory.” He jumps in on the side of the Pluto advocates, but deGrasse Tyson is having none of it. In fact, in what can only be called a moment of heresy, he advocates for reducing Earth to dwarf planet status.


Watch the rest of the outrage above, and remember to support Pluto, and support Earth.

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