Watch Stephen Colbert Declare That Pepsi Ad a Protest for "Attractive Lives Matter"

Comedy Video Stephen Colbert
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On Tuesday, the world was accosted by Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad, wherein she saved the world and bridged gaps between protesters and police with a can of Pepsi. Last night, Colbert declared the commercial to be an “Attractive Lives Matter” movement, a reason for “all of America’s hot extras to take to the streets.”

He describes Jenner’s awkward introduction, saying, “At first, this was a movement without a leader. Until the protest route just happened to pass by Kendall Jenner, doing a fashion shoot for aluminum siding.” And that shot of Jenner’s “wig caddy” is just pure beauty. He also talks about Ivanka’s confusion over the definition of “complicit.”

Check out the video embedded above, and go here to see the funniest tweets about the whole Pepsi commercial fiasco.

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