A Teenage Ted Cruz Reveals His Aspirations in High School Video

Comedy Video Ted Cruz
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You can learn a lot about presidential candidates by examining their past. From simple small-town beginnings, to illustrious war records, to succeeding in the face of adversity and institutional discrimination, a candidate’s narrative starts with their trials and accomplishments from when they were young men and women. As powerful as these stories can be (especially when they’re turned into slick, professionally-made films at the nominating conventions) it can be even more moving to hear and see the candidates themselves candidly talk about their goals when they were still young. Fortunately the YouTube account Young Ted Cruz has given us all the privilege of seeing a high school-aged Ted Cruz talk about what he wants to do with his life. Now a senator from Texas, Cruz is running a close second behind Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race; as we can see in this powerful video, he’s always been a man with lofty, high-minded goals, devoted to serving this great nation and the people that are its foundation.

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