The Funniest #Brexit Tweets

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The Funniest #Brexit Tweets

Okay, in real terms there’s nothing funny about the UK leaving the EU. That’s why your 401(k) is going to look all messed up next time you check. It’s a victory for xenophobia and isolationism and the rankest nationalism, and it also makes England look about as bad as whichever Americans actually support Donald Trump. (And really, just England [and Wales, whatever]—Scotland was entirely on the “remain” side, and Northern Ireland is already talking about rejoining the rest of its island in unified Ireland.)

So the UK is probably going to leave the European Union, and David Cameron is probably going to resign, and most Americans are probably going to have no idea that any of this is happening or how it could possibly impact them (at least until they watch John Oliver on Youtube next Monday morning). Politics are awesome.

Still, even in the darkest of nights, we can still find a spark of light and humor on Twitter. Yes, the website. Many smart and funny people wrote many smart and funny things about #brexit on Twitter tonight, and here are favorites. Take a look and try to laugh out the dread and fear you now hold about the world around us.