The Funniest #GOPDebate Tweets From Last Night

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The Funniest #GOPDebate Tweets From Last Night

Remember how you felt when Lost ended? Or maybe Parks & Recreation? Or when any other TV show you really loved, one that combined pathos and drama with humor and made you feel the full range of emotions, finally aired its final episode? The Republican debates might not be over yet (we seriously don’t know, and seriously don’t want to take the time to research it) but they have to be getting close, with only five men left and Super Tuesday just a few days away. Perhaps they’ll wheel Trump and Rubio and Ted Cruz (who won’t drop out until after November, just to be a dick) out once or twice in the next couple of weeks. Maybe Ben Carson will continue to forget to drop out. Maybe John Kasich is a real man that people have actually heard of before. But for all intents and purposes (or, as Trump supporters would say, “all intensive purposes”) last night’s debate felt like the climax of the season. It’s like that “Ozymandias” episode of Breaking Bad: it may not be the last episode, but it’s the one everybody’s going to think about when they look back on the end of this campaign season. Enjoy these hilarious tweets about the Republican debate from the finest comedians and most astute political observers of the day, for it’s one of the last times you’ll get to do so, until the next election cycle starts in like 18 months.

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