The Funniest Tweets About Obama's Last State of the Union Address

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The Funniest Tweets About Obama's Last State of the Union Address

When you reach a certain age eight years feel like they last for about two weeks. I remember voting for Obama that first time like it was, well, New Year’s Eve two weeks ago. We lined up outside a fire station in Somerville, MA, as people sang songs and passed out cupcakes and cookies and treated the democratic process like it was a big exciting party. That was weird. I was used to being surrounded by old people dourly voting for Newt Gingrich and various Bushes in Cobb County elementary schools, with everybody frowning hard every step of the way. By the time that night in 2008 came around it felt like such a given that Obama would win that the reliably liberal voters of Somerville were maybe a little too confident. I stood in that firehouse and thought everybody was somehow cursing the election.

Anyway: eight years are almost gone and last night Obama gave his final State of the Union address. Depending on your politics, you probably loved it or hated it. Hopefully you can still laugh about it, though, no matter where you stand on the spectrum. Here are a handful of the funniest tweets about last night’s speech from some of the best jokesters on social media. The line-up this time includes: