The Funniest Tweets About the New York Primary

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The Funniest Tweets About the New York Primary

The path to November is now clearer after last night’s primary in New York. Donald Trump soundly defeated Ted Cruz and John Kasich, bolstering his case against the Republican establishment trying to pull off a contested convention in Cleveland. Hillary Clinton also easily beat Bernie Sanders, although not without controversy, as it was discovered that over 100,000 Democratic voters from Brooklyn were unexpectedly purged from the polls. Of course that could’ve hurt Clinton’s vote totals as much as Sanders’. But so, barring shenanigans at the Republican convention, we’re probably looking at a Trump vs. Clinton race in the general, which sounds more like a 20-year-old South Park joke than an actual election. Of course this entire election has been beyond ridiculous, just a complete farce from the get-go, completely validating the utter disdain for the political process that now permeates almost all levels of society. At least Twitter made some good jokes about it last night. Here are the funniest tweets about last night’s primary, courtesy of these folks: