The Funniest Tweets About the Olympics Closing Ceremony

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The Funniest Tweets About the Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Olymipcs are over, but can you even really consider it to be an Olympics without McDonald’s Olympics scratch-off game? Anybody who remembers the greasy spoils of 1988 or especially the bounty of grilled and fried goodness that came our way during the medal-rich games of 1984 knows that the McDonald’s promotion basically made the games what they are today. Without those scratch-off cards, you’re just left with a bunch of sports nobody would ever watch any other time of year. It’s sad. Or, as one actual, legtiimate presidential nominee would succinctly tweet: Sad!

So we don’t have tiny medals to scratch off in hopes of free hash browns. What we do have, in 2016, are tweets. And as we saw with the Opening Ceremony and the games themselves, Twitter is a potent tool for engagement and other meaningless marketing terms. Here are the tweets that kept us entertained during the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, and yes, if you think there aren’t that many of them, that is definitely some kind of statement about the popularity of these ratings-challenged Olympics and their uninspiring final night.

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