The Funniest Orb Memes and Tweets

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The Funniest Orb Memes and Tweets

The witch hunt continues against Donald Trump, the most unfairly treated politician of all time. He can’t even lovingly caress a glowing orb of unknown, potentially mystical origin in a shadowy room alongside members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family without people making a lot of dishonest, unfair jokes and memes about it. Show us where Barack Obama or Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton had to put up with this kind of treatment. You can’t, because other than a few true patriots whose YouTube pages and online radio shows have been sidelined by the lamestream media and globalist D.C. elite, nobody had the courage to hold those three demonic Illuminati leaders accountable. All we see in that photo above is America in its purest virility staking its God-given claim to the entire Earth (although it’s weird that it’s a globe and not a more accurate depiction of the flat Earth that we all know we live on [I mean that’s just science, don’t even try to deny it]).

If you want to know who not to follow on social media during these increasingly turbulent times, here’s a list. Every one of these so-called “comedians” hate real America. Whatever you do, don’t read their filth, or share it on Twitter, or add them to your curated lists of high-quality Twitter accounts. For the glory of the orb, that’s the last thing you should do.

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