Tom Hanks Introduces Us to David S. Pumpkins, a Halloween Ghoul We Never Knew We Needed

Comedy Video Tom Hanks
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There’s nothing scarier than what you don’t understand, which is why David S. Pumpkins is here to keep you confused. Played by Tom Hanks on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Pumpkins is a spooky ghoul in a bad suit. He launches terrible catchphrases and strangely graphic dance moves at guests on his ride, “100 Floors of Frights.”

Initially, the guests on the ride, played by Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett, are simply baffled by Pumpkins. As the character continues to appear on the ride, they become slightly miffed by his continued presence.

Of course, the real joy of the sketch is watching Hanks commit to such a strange part. Pumpkins is a mystery, complete with bad hair and even stranger sidekicks. Pumpkins was just one part of an especially strong outing from Saturday Night Live, which may be returning to form this season. Check out the clip above. And if you dig David S. Pumpkins, check out this suspiciously similar sketch from last season, starring Larry David as the inexplicable Kevin Roberts.