Tom Segura Gets Disgraceful in Trailer For His Second Netflix Special

Comedy Video Tom Segura
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Comedian Tom Segura’s second Netflix special is due out in a little over a week, and the haven for streaming stand-up has put out the first trailer for Disgraceful.

Segura, known better for his uproarious storytelling ability than his tact, spends the clip asking the important philosophical questions: namely, which physical shortcomings are okay to make fun of? Segura determines that the deciding factor as to whether head trauma is funny is whether the victim suddenly develops a foreign accent. Your enjoyment of Disgraceful is likely, though by no means certain, to hinge on whether you agree.

Per Netflix, we can expect that, in this new special, Segura “unapologetically calls it like he sees it as he reflects on the meaning of life, the different ways that fast food chains shame you, and why having a baby is the most selfish thing you can do.” All of the above sounds like a welcome (if familiar) follow-up to Segura’s first Netflix special, 2016’s Mostly Stories.

Disgraceful, shot at Denver’s Paramount Theatre, hits Netflix on Friday, Jan. 12. Watch the trailer above, and listen to a bonus clip from Segura’s Mostly Stories below.