Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Will Get His Own One-Hour Election Special

Comedy News Triumph
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If the 2016 presidential election hadn’t already gone to the dogs, now it has.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the cigar-chomping Yugoslavian Mountain Hound puppeteered by former SNL writer Robert Smigel, has been on the campaign trail for the past several months, and he’s set to present his findings in a one-hour comedy special presented by Funny or Die and Hulu in February. According to the press release, his experiences have already included a Democratic debate, a Tea Party Convention, and multiple Ted Cruz bus stops, and he’ll be traveling to Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina to conduct more interviews and spew his hot takes on the issues as the primaries get rolling.

Triumph was last seen in Adult Swim’s The Jack and Triumph Show in 2015, which flopped. Given the raw amount of material he has to work with in the election, though, it’s hard to see his Election Special failing.