The Funniest Tweets about Trump and Putin’s Press Conference

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The Funniest Tweets about Trump and Putin’s Press Conference

Normally I write a lazy, cynical little intro before these things, a few paragraphs that give you context through dad jokes, but that primarily exist to just take up some space before the embeds start. (The literary merit of the tweet gallery intro is minimal.) I don’t think I can do that today, though.

As Paste’s Roger Sollenberger wrote earlier today, Trump’s press conference with Putin amounted to treason. Our president offered full support to Putin, a despot whose country directly fucked with our elections in order to hopefully put that president in office. Trump took Putin’s side against the US’s own intelligence agencies, who all agree that Russia actively tried to sway the 2016 election. Obama was heavily criticized for his entire presidency by the right for some kind of “global apology” tour that only happened in their heads; meanwhile their guy goes out of his way to piss off America’s allies and suck up to a dangerous tyrant like Putin, and it’s still impossible to think the Republicans or their base will try to hold it against Trump in any meaningful way. This might be the ultimate case of It’s Okay if You’re a Republican ever seen: that farcical excuse apparently extends all the way up to presidents who defends foreign rivals over America’s long-time allies and own institutions.

Anyway: tweets. Here are some funny ones. This Trump/Putin shindig obviously dominated social media all day long, and so there are some solid tweets worth devoting one second a piece to. Take a look at ‘em below during the breaks in your “learn how to speak Russian” cassette.