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Tweets of the Week

We said goodbye to January with Barbies, butt stuff, and Amy Schumer. So just another week on social media, mostly. Kanye’s Twitter freak out at Wiz Khalifa was probably the highlight of the week. It began over a misunderstanding of “KK” and a vague argument over what is and isn’t “wavy” and included such claims as Kanye owning Wiz’s child and a few compliments about Wiz’s pants. The whole thing reached crescendo when Amber Rose, Ye’s ex and Wiz’s current beau, got involved by creating probably the greatest hashtag of all time —#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch. And then instead of Kanye admitting to liking a pretty normal sexual activity, he deleted everything and retreated. It was weird, stupid, and overall pretty pointless but it allowed us to all talk about celebrities instead of focusing on our mundane lives so all in all definitely a win. Hey! Speaking of “win” how about these Tweets? They’re very winsome, indeed. Enjoy the finest comedy Tweet from the past week, featuring: