The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Reminder that a week ago today the election still hadn’t been called by any of the major media organizations. Biden was still the presumed president-elect. (Of course, if you only get your news from Newsmax or OANN or Trump’s Twitter or whatever the hell a “Dan Bongino” is, Biden wasn’t ever the presumed president-elect, and every vote cast for him is illegal, and Trump clearly won the whole thing and will start his second term in January and should probably just go ahead and be allowed to run for a third and fourth and fifth time because of all the election corruption and the attempted coups against him. Real talk: the time to bring the Fairness Doctrine back was the day it was first repealed, because three decades of right-wing media propaganda has fully and totally broken far too many American brains.)

A week ago today everybody who wasn’t a hopeless partisan knew Biden had won, but it wasn’t “official” in the unofficial way it always is until the electors vote in December. Yes, the election wasn’t even two weeks ago. That one good day, the only good day of 2020, when most networks called it for Biden, and we got to feel at least okay about the country for a few hours? That wasn’t even ONE week ago. So much absolute unhinged insanity happens on a regular daily basis now that time has thoroughly lost whatever little definition it once had.

Trump is probably just acting tough to save face to his fans. It’s worrying that he hasn’t conceded, but far more concerning than the legal challenges (which they seem to be routinely losing) is the way he continues to undermine the entire electoral process on his dumb Twitter account, and how his right-wing media sycophants and even most of the GOP Congressional delegation are supporting him every step of the way. He’s convinced who knows how many of his followers that the election was a sham and Trump actually won despite getting millions less votes and 70 less electoral votes; how can anybody expect them to just settle down and respect the Biden administration whenever Trump moves on to his next scam? They’ve broken the thing. This week sucked. Oh well.

I keep track of time via tweets. Not intentionally, but because it’s sometimes part of my job to put pieces like this one together. I “like” tweets throughout the week and then on Fridays I go back through those likes and pick the funniest ones to post on this website. Time is so broken now that looking back on tweets from five days ago can feel like opening a 30-year-old yearbook, or like reliving something that happened 10 minutes ago. There’s no rhyme or reason: it’s all just constant turmoil, an ever-present maelstrom of stress and nonsense, and yes, sometimes people write funny tweets about it.

Here are the best ones from the last week. Check ‘em out and follow the people who wrote ‘em.