The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Here’s this week in a nutshell. The memes keeps on meming, with Jane Lynch from Glee a particular favorite this week. The pandemic keeps on pandemicing, with the U.S. setting record daily death tolls almost every day, and all experts saying that’ll remain the case into 2021. The videogame business keeps on releasing heavily hyped new games that are broken at launch despite being made by employees who weren’t allowed to leave the office for months on end—only this time with seizures and dick sliders. The president keeps on trying to undermine the foundations of democracy. Louie Gohmert’s teeth keep falling out of his mouth while he’s in the middle of a press conference. Every cool celebrity or musician keeps dying, and I still really miss KFC’s potato wedges.

It wasn’t the best week. At least some of the tweets were okay. Here are the funniest ones we saw this week; dig ‘em, like ‘em, share ‘em, follow the people who wrote ‘em, and try to stay strong through next Friday.

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