The Funniest Tweets About Twitter's New Redesign

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The Funniest Tweets About Twitter's New Redesign

Twitter, every site’s favorite source for quickly dashed out collections of free jokes, is struggling. User growth is stagnant, there’s no clear way to make money off of it, and the company seems almost completely uninterested in stopping the site’s rampant harassment problem. There’s a host of problems plaguing the social media site right now, so when Twitter started work on its latest update, the goal was clear: make everything look slightly different.

A new update to Twitter’s user interface was surprisingly revealed this morning, and all it pretty much does is change a font and a few icons, and shave the edges off the user photo. Instead of the squares of old, all avatars are now set in bubbly little circles. For a site with a rep for helping hate speech flourish, it’s a curiously insignificant change to prioritize.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Twitter has been full of hilarious comments about this completely pointless change all day long. Here are the funniest of ‘em all.

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