Watch Don Hertzfeldt's Incredible and Creepy Simpsons Couch Gag

Comedy Video
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For most people, the name Don Hertzfeldt might not ring any bells, but in alternative animation circles the man is something of a legend. That’s thanks in large part to Rejected, Hertzfeldt’s wildly weird 2000 short film that introduced anti-humor catchphrases like “My spoon is too big” and earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Sunday night, Hertzfeldt brought his signature surreality to The Simpsons, animating what has to be the most ambitiously strange couch gag in the show’s history. Taking place largely in 10533 A.D., the sequence pokes fun at the series’ longevity by imagining what Springfield’s favorite family might look like eight millennia on. Check it out above.