Watch the Real Al Sharpton Unveil the Black Approval Ratings Scale on SNL

Comedy Video
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SNL can be a very predictable show, and few things are more predictable than what happened with Al Sharpton last night. When SNL does a celebrity impression long enough, eventually the real person will show up to confront the impression. Sharpton wasn’t playing himself last night—he was playing a pollster who devised something called the Black Approval Ratings Scale, a ten point scale where Obama’s a 22 and Trump is a negative 1048 and falling—but he got in some digs about Kenan Thompson’s Sharpton impression, and specifically how Thompson’s Sharpton weights a good 100 pounds more than the post-weight loss guy we can watch on MSNBC. We’re not saying this is hilarious, or anything, but the Black Approval Ratings are pretty funny, and you can check it out above.

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