10 Sexy Comics You Won’t Hide Under Your Bed

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Time was, a sexy comic was nothing to be proud of owning. Looking back on bowling-ball boobs and poorly-written narratives makes some of us wonder about our pubescent choices. The good thing is that now most of your fellow perverts are now grown up, happily making comics of their own for you to enjoy. Modern comics do a great job of not limiting ‘sexy’ to one guy’s idea—or one genre. From awkward, to hilarious, to so-romantic-they’ll-call-you-later, here are ten sexy comics you can enjoy—for the articles!—and display proudly on your bookshelf when you’re done.

It might go without saying, but while our article is fairly safe for work, maybe don’t go Googling these until you’re at home.

Sex Criminals

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics

Widely appreciated as 'the hardest comic to successfully Google,' Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals isn't literally about sex criminals. It's about a pair of awkward, newly-minted bank robbers who get into the biz after a party hookup reveals they both have the power to stop time with their orgasms. It's funny, because they both thought they invented it! Then they thought they were the only ones who could do it. Sex Criminals also gets points for exploring the full spectrum of sexuality (and asexuality) with an ever-growing cast of characters.


Writer/Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Publisher: Image Comics

Sunstone's about two girls in a BDSM relationship, replete with ball gags, restraints, and shiny vinyl outfits. Only, it's also about them as people, falling for each other, and the circle of friends they make as they navigate their lifestyle together. Main character Lisa is a dorky writer with a secret submissive side, and Ally is a fierce dominatrix, with a secret desire to cuddle and play MMORPGs. Described as an 'erotic romantic comedy,' writer/artist Stjepan Sejic is able to articulate something relatable and amazing out of material too often relegated to pure fetish.


Writers/Artists: Doug Bayne, Trudy Cooper
Publishers: self-published at http://oglaf.com, in print from TopatoCo

So, we're all aware that the Middle Ages were closer to Blackadder than The Tudors, right? Webcomic Oglaf does 'sex and fantasy' in a way that plays on hilarious tropes and sex positivity. It takes the good, fun parts of medieval fantasy (wizards! sexy pirates!) and pairs them with a modern sense of humor, diversity and goofy boner jokes that are purely hilarious. While the art is geared more toward comedy, there's something about intelligent sex positivity and comedy that's always hot.


Writer: Matt Fraction
Artists: Fabio Moon, Gabriel Bá
Publisher: Image Comics

The second Matt Fraction book on this list, Casanova is unrelated to the questionable aughties romantic comedy starring Heath Ledger. The story of secret agent Casanova Quinn's dimension-hopping, body-snatching, time-traveling spy network, it gets as weird and sexy as your oddest subconscious sex dreams—thanks in no small part to the work of artists Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon. Future lovers, lovely robots, and despotic sex islands are just the tip of the downward spiral. Casanova is as sexy as it is weird, and it's as weird as it sounds.

Lost Girls

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Melinda Gebbie
Publisher: Top Shelf Comics

When Alan Moore was questioned about his writing 'erotica' after the publication of this book, he clearly corrected that it's pornography, through and through. With beautiful art by Melinda Gebbie, Lost Girls is the story of fairytale favorites Alice Fairchild (of Wonderland fame), Dorothy Gale (best known for her adventures in Oz) and Wendy Darling, best known from Peter Pan. Years later, the three grown women find themselves meeting at a mountain resort, and share the 'true' stories behind their fantasy encounters. Lost Girls offers the 'sexy fairy tale' trope, but has more in common with vintage erotica than modern Halloween costumes. Your librarian probably owns a copy. In secret.


Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image Comics

Married couple Marko and Alana are the kind of realistic dynamic duo most of us hope to find ourselves in some day. Sure, they fight, they're flawed, but thanks to Fiona Staples' art, they're also super hot. Saga is a romance story set amidst a galactic war, full of the sort of great sex you'd have on your last night alive—when every night might be your last night alive. More than just that, Saga is passionate. Even when getting philosophical, it's never far from lust. ("What's the opposite of war?")


Writer/Artist: Adam Warren
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

With the long and unsavory history of oversexualized women in comics, it takes an awful lot of self-awareness to save the day. Enter Empowered, creator Adam Warren's argument for sex in comics. Emp is pouty, blonde and the recipient of fairly constant T-and-A, as her suit never fails to get destroyed in exciting ways. But she's written with such agency and awareness that she seems less like a blow-up doll in a costume, and more like the real, hormone-addled youth we all were once upon a time. Young, not-so-dumb and full of...plucky observations, Emp likes sex, and is totally aware of the ridiculousness of her comic situation. Her supporting cast is as real as her, and go for more than just sex talk when it comes to a level of honesty that's so on point, it can make you uncomfortable. Libido doesn't have to make sense, but it helps when it's this smart.

Red Thorn

Writer: David Baillie
Artist: Meghan Hetrick
Publisher: Vertigo/DC Comics

With '90s favorite publisher Vertigo making a healthy resurgence, recent release Red Thorn offers lusty paranormal adventures at their best. Isla, our main character, is fearless with her drive (and her desires,) and David Baillie's story is unafraid to let his leading lady's hookups drive the plot as much as her magic powers. It's downright refreshing to be taken along for the ride by a girl who isn't afraid to love the ride. (Giggity.) Meghan Hetrick's art is perfect, letting moments that might otherwise be innocent reveals absolutely ooze sexuality. It's only one issue in so far, but a second date is necessary.

Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

Writer/Artist: Erika Moen
Self-Published: www.ohjoysextoy.com

If you're more into sex blogs than downright erotica, Erika Moen's Oh Joy, Sex Toy! is for you. It's sex-advice-column meets comic-strip hilarity, like Drew Pinsky's Loveline in naked cartoon form. From reviews of items and videos, to answering reader questions, to guest comics, Erika goes from intensely educational, to funny, to revealing (both emotionally and physically!) in the blink of an eye. OJST! fills an interesting niche as it's decidedly one of the more graphic comics on this list, but without a doubt the most real-world educational.

The Sandman: Endless Nights

Writer: Neil Gaiman
Artists: Various
Publisher: Vertigo/DC Comics

Neil Gaiman's short-story collection about the Dream King and his siblings remains a favorite of fans of the main series, The Sandman. It's also a great place to start reading the series, a fantastic introduction to the varied worlds of The Endless. With each of Dream's siblings ruling over a different aspect of human nature, it's his brother/sister Desire's story that stands out on this list. With art by erotica master Milo Manara, Desire's tale is one of pure want, of how the true power of lust is wanting, not getting.