Exclusive Preview: John Layman & Afu Chan Explore the Outer Darkness

Skybound's New Horror/Sci-Fi Series Hits Shelves November 7th

Comics Features Afu Chan
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Exclusive Preview: John Layman & Afu Chan Explore the <i>Outer Darkness</i>

Sometimes a notable creator seems to “disappear” for a bit, as writer John Layman did after the conclusion of his smash-hit Chew in November 2016. It’s not that Layman was resting on his laurels—Leviathan with Nick Pitarra is a few issues deep now—but that making comics takes time. As he tweeted yesterday, sometimes a lot of time. Outer Darkness, Layman’s new Skybound series with Immortal Iron Fists artist Afu Chan, was approved the very same month that Chew ended, almost exactly two years ago. Now the entire first six issues are drawn, and Layman has scripted through to issue #14—so don’t fret about delays on this one.

What should have you hot and bothered is the promise of page after page of glorious Afu Chan art. It’s a mystery why he’s not more widely known, but hopefully this interstellar horror outing will change that. Chan simply stuns on each and every page with an aesthetic and sense of motion that few artists can match. Letting him cut loose on alien, ship and monster designs only sweetens the deal. In advance of Outer Darkness #1, which hits stands November 7th, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at panels from the issue. That’s right—panels, because we’re not sure you’re prepared to see full pages in all their glory. Take a look below, and be sure to nab the first issue in a few weeks.


Outer Darkness #1 Cover Art by Afu Chan

Outer Darkness #1

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Afu Chan
Publisher: Skybound/ Image Comics
Release Date: November 7, 2018
Sci-fi and horror collide in this new series from the co-creator of CHEW!

Mankind has colonized the galaxy, but during our interstellar travels, we discovered a terrifying secret out in the Outer Darkness of space. Join Captain Joshua Rigg and the crew of the starship Charon as they encounter demonic possessions, hauntings, cosmic horror, and more!

All-star writer JOHN LAYMAN (CHEW) and artist AFU CHAN (Immortal Iron Fists) are ready to let you know that outer space is terrifying.

Outer Darkness #1 Interior Art by Afu Chan

Outer Darkness #1 Interior Art by Afu Chan

Outer Darkness #1 Interior Art by Afu Chan

Outer Darkness #1 Interior Art by Afu Chan