The Best Comic Book Covers of June 2017

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The Best Comic Book Covers of June 2017

The psychedelic era of the mid-to-late ‘60s offered a cerebral escape from a lot of heavy bummers; mainly, the Vietnam War and global strife. In the midst of court hearings sussing out whether the alleged leader of the free world is being manipulated by an infringing foreign power, another descent down the rabbit hole wouldn’t exactly be unwelcome. Whether it’s cultural osmosis or a more conscious effort, June’s best covers bend the constraints of the physical world to unleash spiritual undertones. Jack up the Brian Jonestown Massacre and turn on, tune in and drop out with some covers designed to open your third eye. Christian Ward asks us to break free of the chains in our minds with his cosmic cover to Black Bolt #2, Matt and Sharlene Kindt exile Dept. H protagonist Mia into new oceanic realities and Sachin Teng reveals the roots that tie everything together in Dragon Age: Knight Errant #2. It’s an uncanny similarity that also runs through Becky Cloonan’s transcendental eye candy for Shade, The Changing Girl and Simon Hanselmann’s fonts on One More Year. And Chris Bachalo’s work on Doctor Strange #20….

Think we’re stretching the comparison too far?