The Black Barn’s Horrific Secrets Unravel in Gideon Falls #7

Plus an Exclusive First Look at Artist Tula Lotay’s Variant Cover

Comics Features Jeff Lemire
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The Black Barn&#8217;s Horrific Secrets Unravel in <i>Gideon Falls</i> #7

Gideon Falls is one of 2018’s most ghoulish delights: a dual narrative set between the city and the countryside that explores the urban legend of the Black Barn, a structure that appears throughout history to foretell death and madness. Co-creators Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino tap into the mounting dread and heard-it-from-a-friend-of-a-friend compulsion of creepypasta stories, with the much more careful hand of experienced storytellers bringing it all to shadow-drenched life. Gideon Falls #6 wrapped up the first arc by actually inviting readers into the Black Barn—an experience that has to be read to be believed. Next month, the series returns with the first part of “Original Sins,” a new story arc that delves deeper into the mysteries of the ominous structure. Paste has an exclusive first look at Sorrentino and colorist Dave Stewart’s interior pages, as well as fan-favorite Supreme: Blue Rose artist Tula Lotay’s variant cover. Gideon Falls #7 hits shelves and digital retailers October 17th, just in time for Halloween.

Gideon Falls #7 Variant Cover Art by Tula Lotay

Gideon Falls #7 Cover Art by Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart

Gideon Falls #7 Interior Art by Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart

Gideon Falls #7 Interior Art by Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart

Gideon Falls #7 Interior Art by Andrea Sorrentino & Dave Stewart

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