Explore the Mind of a Comic Master in Inside Moebius Part 1

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Explore the Mind of a Comic Master in <i>Inside Moebius Part 1</i>

Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, is one of the comic medium’s few truly deified creators, and Dark Horse’s hefty Moebius Library series might as well be considered a public service at this point, preserving and sharing work that’s rarely seen print in English. The next entry in the collection, out February 7, is Inside Moebius Part 1, which collects the first two volumes of Moebius’ famous study on his own creative process. Throughout the six installments of the original series, Moebius playfully, critically depicts his creative mindscape as a vast desert populated by his most famous characters—and a younger iteration of himself. Paste has an exclusive peek at Inside Moebieus Part 1 below, along with Dark Horse’s official solicitation text for the volume.


Inside Moebius Part 1

Writer/Artist: Moebius
Working closely with Moebius Production in France, Dark Horse presents Inside Moebius Part 1, the next volume in the Moebius Library. As he explores a beautiful, expansive desert that represents his mind, Moebius draws himself encountering his favorite characters—creations like Blueberry, Arzak, and Major Grubert—and also meets a younger version of himself! A six-part study, Inside Moebius Part 1 collects the first two chapters in this fantastic exploration of a creator meeting his own creations to discuss his artistic process and the real world issues that encroach into his thoughts.

Moebius’s final long-form work-now available in English!

The next volume in Dark Horse’s Moebius Library series!

“Moebius excelled as much in fluidity of his storytelling as he did in the brilliance of his linework.”—Frank Quietly

Inside Moebius Part 1 Cover Art by Moebius

MOLIMV1 T2 PG 056.jpg
Inside Moebius Part 1 Interior Art by Moebius

MOLIMV1 T2 PG 070.jpg
Inside Moebius Part 1 Interior Art by Moebius

MOLIMV1 T2 PG 096.jpg
Inside Moebius Part 1 Interior Art by Moebius