20 Adorable Stuffed Animals You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

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20 Adorable Stuffed Animals You’ll Want to Keep for Yourself

Thanks to everyone we know suddenly getting pregnant at the same time, we’ve spent a lot of time searching for baby gifts lately. And you know what? Stuffed animals and dolls are a lot cuter than they used to be. So cute, in fact, that we’re tempted to buy a few for ourselves.

Our recommendation: Skip the toy store and head to Etsy for some of the most creative, cuddly, and clever stuffed toys you’ll ever see. From Mimi Kirchner’s tattooed strong man and Mount Royal Mint’s wool felt narwhals to Citizens Collectible’s customizable family dolls, these handmade toys would look just as good in your friend’s nursery as they would on your bookshelf.

1. Mount Royal Mint’s foot-long narwhals are handcrafted from wool felt.

2. This two-headed boy from Blue Raspberry Designs is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind.

3. Trootoys will create a doll based on your kid’s (or your) own drawing.

4. Finklestein’s Center creates a menagerie of plush and pensive pals, including this sweet little sloth.

5. Landlord won’t let you have a dog? GoodAfternoonan has stuffed Boston terriers, corgis, boxers, and more.

6. Remakerie’s sock creatures are made from upcycled and vintage socks and sweaters.

7. Late Great’s “stuffy” historical figures include Freddie Mercury, Gandhi, and Coco Chanel.

8. Tel Aviv-based Timo Handmade creates quirky ducks, dolls, mice, and more.

9. Sara Carr proves that an octopus can indeed be cuddly.

10. This itty bitty bandit fox comes from Lithuanian maker Adatine.

11. Alelale’s grumpy cat is almost as good as having the real thing.

12. Citizens Collectible creates customized family dolls.

13. Made in Paris, Popetse Toys’ plush bird is equipped with a bamboo bow and arrows.

14. Robin & Mould’s screenprinted hedgehogs double as pillows.

15. Every kid needs a Pussy Riot doll, right? From Portugese designer FulBelSic.

16. Poosac’s fox softie wears a jaunty little scarf.

17. Mimi Kirchner’s art dolls aren’t really meant for play, but they’ll look cool on the shelf.

18. This giant woodland owl from Sleepy King is the perfect nap buddy.

19. Relive the tale of Little Red Riding Hood with Blita’s rag dolls.

20. Jipijipi’s chiens have serious French style.