22 of the Best-Designed Pet Accessories

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22 of the Best-Designed Pet Accessories

It used to be a punch line: pampered little dogs in pink rhinestone collars, toted in opalescent handbags by their equally fancy owners. You might roll your eyes at this cotton-candy scenario, but the world is becoming much more attuned to modern pets’ needs.

Fewer humans are eating and drinking out of environmentally unsound plastic containers— and now our furry friends can dine healthily. And when a tattered sock isn’t enough for Fido, high-end retailers like Nordstrom have plenty of playthings for posh pups. Even Nemo can upgrade to a futuristic fish tank. Here are a zoo’s worth of pet accessories that will wow any breed.

1. Organic Catnip by Mungo & Maud, $14 2. By the Shore Medium Bed with Crab by See Scout Sleep, $185 3. Petcube Camera by Petcube, $200 4. DogCasino by Nina Ottosson, $40 5. Modko Modkat Litter Box by Pet Fancy, $180 6. Chewy Vuiton Purse by Tails in the City, $12 7. K9 Optix by Doggles, $14 8. Betta Falls Aquarium Kit by Aqueon, $37 9. The Rufus Reclaimed Wood Dog Feeder & Bowls by Wooden Crow Company, $115 10. The 69” Lotus Cat Tree in Espresso by the Refined Feline, $331 11. Sanctuary Reptile Terrarium by National Geographic, $70 12. iFetch by iFetch, $100 13. Travel Dog Food Storage Bag by Harry Barker, $26 14. Make Love Not Trash Carrier by Oh My Dog Supplies, $50 15. Dog Carrier Stroller by Mochi, $180 16. Seahorse Small Dog Toy by Crate&Barrel, $10 17. Squeak & Chic Dog Chew Toy by Henri Bendel, $20 18. Kittypod by Kittypod, $280 19. MEOW Tapestry Placemat by Petrageous Designs, $9 for set of 4 20. FishHotel Aquarium by Umbra, $35 21. Java Wood Tree Size Medium by A&E Cage Co., $363 22. Plaid Scottie Dog Toy by Harry Barker, $10