Clever Design Ideas for Pretty Cake Stands

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These kitchen accessories can pull their own design weight for holding stuff besides your confections. See these creative ways to put the showpieces to use at all times.

1. Corral other Sweet Treats

SWEET.jpg Photo via juliascakestandrentals

It’s a bit obvious, but still Instagram-worthy when executed well.

2. Showcase Your Latest Stationary Haul

CLIPS.jpg Photo via

Sometimes recent finds can lose their way in your home office. Keep them top of mind—and at eye level—with a bright cake stand.

3. Elevate House Plants

PLANT.jpg Photo via

Even go next level and balance a mini cake stand atop a regular-size stand to create an interesting display.

4. Create a Beauty Drop Zone

BEAUTY.jpg Photo via

Keep all your daily essentials in one easy, accessible, pretty spot.

5. Draw Attention to a Floral Arrangement

FLOWERS.jpg Photo via

Those things don’t last. You might as well make them the focus for their short lives.

6. Keep Perfume in Fighting Shape

PERFUME.jpg Photo via

It turns out that leaving your perfume bottle on the bath vanity can undermine its scent abilities. Mimic this pretty display instead.