Check Out These Horrifying and Amazing The Unquotable Trump Comic Book Covers by R. Sikoryak

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Check Out These Horrifying and Amazing <i>The Unquotable Trump</i> Comic Book Covers by R. Sikoryak

Under the shadow of the impending Trump administration, many people aren’t sure whether they want to laugh or cry. Artist R. Sikoryak has us doing both with his The Unquotable Trump covers, which feature the president-elect drawn as various comic book-inspired villains. Sikoryak, who has done many covers for The New Yorker and Drawn and Quarterly, shows the president-elect “in his very best own words” that many of us are familiar with, such as his comments on Mexico, black voters and torture.

Some of our favorite covers include The Walking Donald and The Best Biggest Rich Boy Really Rich Billions, but there’s no shortage of gold here. Click through the gallery to see the entire collection and the famous comic artists that inspired Sikoryak’s wide range of styles. You can also check out Sikoryak’s work on his Tumblr page or on his personal website.