Imagine All The Things You Can Do With These Zoofolds Animal Masks

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Imagine All The Things You Can Do With These Zoofolds Animal Masks

Kickstarter has a tendency to turn up some fascinating, creative design projects. The latest comes to us from British designer India Aspin, whose Zoofolds are here to satiate your craving for lifelike paper animal masks.

Let’s face it: you’ve always wanted to dress up as a fox, right? The pop culture pantheon has given us two excellent animated foxes in the past several years—Fantastic Mr. Fox and Zootopia’s Nick Wilde—not to mention the most ridiculous music video this side of “Gangnam Style.” Luckily, Aspin’s got your fox fix covered. The Zoofolds come in not only fox, but also in deer and badger. They’re made from 100% recyclable cardboard, they can be worn as hats or masks, and you can assemble them in 15 minutes without any glue. The Zoofolds Kickstarter, which is currently 30% of the way to its goal with three weeks remaining, states that 5% of all profits from the masks will go to Britain’s Woodland Trust to ensure that the real-life critters repped on the masks have homes for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, we’re delighting in all of the potential uses for the Zoofolds. They’d make the perfect disguise if you and your friends felt like robbing a bank or kidnapping some teens on a misty night. You can mount them on your wall to feel like a badass hunter without actually having to kill any animals. And who’s not going to go for the foxy fox at the masquerade ball? Scroll through the photos above to examine just how bodacious the Zoofolds can make you look, whether your intentions are good or nefarious.

In all seriousness, these masks are pretty damn cool-looking and absurdly detailed, and it’s always great to see passionate, independent artists bringing cool ideas to life. You can check out the Zoofolds Kickstarter here; a donation to the cause allows you to submit a potential name for the fox, deer and badger (we suggest Foxy McFoxFace).