Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration Honors Leonard Nimoy's Artwork

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More than 50 pieces will be featured during a 50th-anniversary Star Trek art exhibit honoring a half-century of exploring the final frontier. That includes the final piece of art created by original series star, the late Leonard Nimoy.

The event, which San Diego Comic-Con attendees will arrive just in time for, opens on July 21 at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in San Diego, CA. It will then travel to Las Vegas, Toronto, and the UK.

The official Star Trek site is rolling out all the pieces bit by bit, but the artistic work of the beloved Nimoy was one of the first released. The piece, which depicts multiple images of Nimoy’s hand giving the “Live Long and Prosper” salute, was created for the Star Trek Art Exhibit.

The red, yellow and blue motif is a nod to the uniform colors worn by the Star Trek cast of characters in the original show.

“Nimoy had this amazing photo of his own hand. We worked with him to create this multicolored version,” CBS Consumer Products SVP of Creative and exhibit curator Jorge Ferreiro told Mashable.

Nimoy was working on the piece shortly before he fell ill. He passed before the piece was finished, but Nimoy’s widow helped finish the piece.

“We were working with him and had completely gotten it done,” Ferreiro said. “Then he got sick very, very quickly. He passed away. Two weeks later, we picked up with Susan [Nimoy’s widow] to finish it.”