Master The Pen Tool With The Bézier Game

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Master The Pen Tool With The Bézier Game

Ah, the pen tool. It’s something that graphic designers hold near and dear. After all, it allows you to create just about any shape with precision. Well, that is after you learn to use it. And there’s the hook. The beloved béizer curve isn’t easy to master. For that reason, let us introduce you to The Bézier Game.

Created by interaction designer Mark MacKay, The Bézier Game puts you on the fast track to learning the all-mighty pen tool. Created for Method of Action, an educational website focused on design, entrepreneurship and gardening (yes, gardening), the game teaches you to take the pen tool head on. You know, before frustration kicks in. The easy to follow steps take you through a tutorial, colorful paths highlighting your every move, and then you’re off – creating automobiles, paper clips, you name it.

Check out our journey through The Bézier Game in the gallery above, and master it yourself here. Happy drawing!

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