10 Awesome Pieces of Art Made From Patron Bottles

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10 Awesome Pieces of Art Made From Patron Bottles

Last year we were mesmerized by some of the amazing art we saw come out of Patron’s ‘Art of Patron’ bottle art competition, and it looks like this year’s entries are even better.

“People often tell us that empty Patrón bottles, and even our distinctive round corks, are just too beautiful to throw away. As a matter of fact, thousands of images of Patron bottles transformed into interesting and unique art pieces have been posted on social channels and online,” said Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patrón Spirits. “At Patrón, we perfected the craft of making high-quality tequila, and designing a recognized bottle – the ‘Art of Patrón’ Bottle Art Contest is an opportunity for people to now perfect a second life for those iconic bottles.”

Patron receives submissions from around the country for the annual contest. Now it’s narrowed all the submissions down to a final 10 entries. The final 10 are up on Patron’s site now for the public to vote on, with the winner walking away with a cool $10,000 prize.

Take a look at the final 10 in the gallery above, and head over to Patron’s site to let them know who you think did the best job. A winner will be crowned in December 6th.