The 40 Best Movie Posters of 2015

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The 40 Best Movie Posters of 2015

Sure, sure, as you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, you’re probably not supposed to judge a movie by its poster, but let’s admit it… we all do it. Whether you’re standing in line at the theatre or scrolling through Netflix, it’s about what’s good, but it’s also about what’s eye-catching. And, like a movie’s trailer, its poster can reveal everything from the mood to the plot of your next 1.5 hours. Yep, the movie poster is an art all its own.

This past year, it was all about bold color as represented in the posters for Iris, Love & Mercy and Inside Out, but also about clean simplicity (Star Wars, Steve Jobs) and dreamlike layering and extraordinary scene (Heaven Knows What, I Believe in Unicorns).

Here’s our collection of the best movie posters of 2015.