Simple Interior Lighting Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

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Simple Interior Lighting Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

A trick of the light is more than a saying. It’s a real thing! You can expand the look of your space with a few tried-and-true interior designer tricks. Plus, what good is investing in that sexy Lucite coffee table if you stub your toe on it every day in your dim living room? Convinced? Read on for some tips the pros use to make rooms look brighter and larger.

Go Curtain-less (if Possible)

LIVINGROOM.jpg Photo: Instagram/darrenanddeanne

No one wants to be somebody’s Ugly Naked Guy, but if your window view is free from others’ window views, you can get away with this modern trick. Opting out of curtains opens up the look of your room by making it look like the stuff outside is part of your décor scheme. Just make sure the view outside is worthy of gazing upon.

Or, Hang Sheer Curtains

CURTAINS.jpg Photo: Instagram/ellosofficial

Avoid public displays of private stuff in your apartment with some airy curtains. Consider a fun pattern and know that the light coming through behind it will play it up against the rest of your room’s décor. When shopping, look for natural fabrics like cotton. They’ll stand the test of time.

Use Multiple Types of Lighting

TYPE.jpg Photo: Instagram/loessie

The overhead light that came with your place won’t suffice for a well-lit space. Investing in other types of lighting is a must. Table lamps, sconces, and even holiday lights strung up in fanciful ways will make everything look lighter and brighter.

Reflect Light with Mirrors

WALL.jpg Photo: Instagram/elainetong66

Even the Victorians knew this trick. Hanging a mirror adjacent to a window, (not on the opposite wall!), will help the window do its job by maximizing its light. Plus, it will give you another spot to admire your beautiful reflection.

Put Lights Where You Need Them

NEED.jpg Photo: Instagram/hjartat.jpg

This may be more about making lighting work for you and your lifestyle, but this tip shouldn’t be ignored. Put an accordion-style sconce by a bed for a reading light or invest in an art-specific light to show off a treasured painting.

Table Lamps are Your New BFFs

TABLE.jpg Photo: Instagram/joinpl6

What are you, a decorating novice? Bear with us. Table lamps—especially the tall ones—can fit in corners and other non-table places. Just consider them spotlights perfect for commitment-phobes.