Donavon Frankenreiter

Feb 27, 2018 Daytrotter Studios, Davenport, IA

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:09
  2. Heading Home 03:48
  3. Big Wave 04:03
  4. Free 04:58
  5. Swing On Down 06:09
Donavon Frankenreiter

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording by Ian Harris, Video By Jake Lyle, Words by Landon Kuhlmann

Donavon Frankenreiter's songs are hypnotic: once they begin, the whole world falls to the wayside as you're wrapped up in his ideas. The batch of songs in this session are intimate. Maybe they aren't like this in other settings, but here we have just two people doing all the work, and it comes out feeling like a very personal engagement with the listener. 

Donavon mixes blues moods with folk songwriting. They are the soundtracks to love, heartbreak, and drinking in a smoky bar. The songs have a natural drawl to them, they're spoken in smooth language. And as serious as they may get, they always remain in a sunny place. You'll know that feeling if you listen to artists like G. Love, a musician I was especially hearing in Donavon's music. It can be fun and funky while still being imbued with the blues. 

The two voices in this session work very well together, but even better than that is the instrumental chemistry. The guitar work here is fantastic and expands by becoming a conversation between two of the same instrument. Whether they're remaining constant in their chord progressions or running off on a solo, the quality of tone and skill level remains constant.

Donavon's music feels like it comes from a different time. It sounds just as good streaming across the infinite void of the internet as it would strolling out of a dilapidated radio. 

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