Drakkar Sauna

Oct 29, 2007 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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Drakkar Sauna

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Josh Frankel

Weeks ago, I thought I saw Drakkar Sauna's Wallace Cochran canoodling with a bird against the wall of a club in Austin, just after Sound Team played and right before Spoon did the same. It wasn't him and I resisted the urge to rush over and lay a bear hug on the guy, luckily. Later that same night, Mark Rice of The Impossible Shapes and Magnolia Electric Co. mentioned the guy in conversation over at Emo's. Rice - the man who introduced those of us here at Daytrotter headquarters to the steamy, swashbuckling, murderous world of the Lawrence, Kansas band - has seen/heard Cochran perform this musky piece of Shel Silversteen text as an oration and now it's once and for all captured in a keepable format. This is a wonderful reminder that Silversteen was not only about Where The Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree, not by a long stretch. That guy loved pot. He loved everything about it and this reading of his piece, "The World's Greatest Smoke Off," offered in the energetic and flowery style that Cochran is well-acquainted with, is a dashing combination of the greatness of Drakkar Sauna's Jabraham Lincoln and the forgotten, less mainstream keen work of the great Silversteen.

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