10 Really Weird Bars

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There’s nothing wrong with a “bar bar.” Those simple watering holes with a handful of taps and some liquor and some tables. Maybe a pool table. Nothing wrong with that at all, but every once in a while, you want your beer served with a side of weird. Like, vegan strippers or stools made out of ice, weird.

We found 10 of the weirdest bars in America. It’s a strange list, but comforting in a way, because no matter what bizarre hobby you’re into, from zombies to board games, there’s a bar out there for you. You just have to find it.

Exchange Bar and Grill

New York City
Weirdness: It’s a “fully automated real time drink market.” What that means, is the price of the drinks fluctuate based on the supply and demand. A whole bunch of people ordering Old Fashioneds? Price goes up. There’s a ticker that runs over the bar letting you know the prices as they rise and fall. Wait for the “Market Crash” when everything drops to $2-$3.

Jumbo’s Clown Room

Los Angeles
Weirdness: Is it a circus? Is it a strip club? It’s a little bit of both. Okay, it’s mainly a strip club (nothing nude, strictly classy stuff) but the creepy clowns behind the bar beef up the weird factor. Also, legend has it that Courtney Love worked here back in the day.

The Way Station

Brooklyn, N.Y.
Weirdness: It’s a Dr. Who themed bar. Seriously. Or as the owners like to call it, a “nerdvana.” You’ll find a life-sized replica of the blue police box from the show, as well as Dr. Who inspired cocktails. Of course, this is where you should go to watch Dr. Who episodes when they’re in season.

The Wreck Bar

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Weirdness: The bar is in a hotel on the beach shaped like a ship and is packed with nautical kitsch, designed to look like a ship wreck. Behind the bar, you’ll find big portholes that look into the hotels pool. That’s where the mermaids swim every Friday night.

The Duce

Phoenix, Az.
Weirdness: A boxing themed bar. You’ve got the restaurant and the bar, but you’ve also got a gym, complete with a boxing ring, jump ropes and punching bags. Oh, and there’s also a soda fountain and a vintage clothing store. Everything here is old school.


Boston, Mass.
Weirdness: I thought ice bars were only in James Bond movies, but apparently, it’s a real thing. It’s 21 degrees inside, so everyone gets a big parka to wear while you sit on blocks of ice. Next to walls of ice. Beneath a ceiling of ice.

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den

Minneapolis, Minn.
Weirdness: It’s not a zombie bar. It’s a safe house in a world that’s fraught with zombies. Get it? The owner thinks that Minneapolis is the perfect location for a zombie apocalypse because of its frigid temps. Naturally, people occasionally show up in full zombie attire. The zombie heads mounted on the wall serve as a warning to all the walking dead.

Thomas Foolery

Washington D.C.
Weirdness: The tagline: little kid food, big kid drinks. This is an ‘80s childhood themed bar, packed with ‘80s toys, grilled cheese, ice cream floats with alcohol…Apparently, if you come dressed as Carlton from Fresh Prince and perform the Running Man, you get 10% off your bill. Save room for Pop Rocks and Ring Pops.

Gotham City Lounge

Brooklyn. NYC
Weirdness: Comics, baby. Comics. It’s like drinking DC Universe’s most interesting dive bar. Super heroes dominate the décor, making you feel like you’re knocking back beers in your favorite comic book shop. The Halloween costume party is supposedly pretty righteous.

Casa Diablo

Portland, Ore.
Weirdness: As far as I know, this is the world’s only vegan strip club. As in, naked ladies and an all vegetarian menu. In addition, most of the dancers are vegan as well. Fun fact: Portland has the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the U.S. And a lot of vegetarians, too.