13 Amazing Goses To Kick Your Summer Off Right

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13 Amazing Goses To Kick Your Summer Off Right

This summer you’ve likely noticed an influx of Gose-style beers on the shelves.

The sour, salted beer has quickly become my go-to this summer. Typically low in alcohol, you can have several of them on a hot summer day without ruining your afternoon, and there’s something about sour and salty that keeps me reaching for another.

While the beer might seem new to many, the style is actually 1000 years old. the top-fermented brew was originally made in Germany, and was named after the river Gose, which runs through Saxony where the beer was born. While today brewers add salt in, the original version was likely salty because it was made with saline water from some of aquifers in the area.

World War II Germany caused the beer to stop being made in the mid 20th century; however, after the Berlin Wall was taken down in 1989, the style started to make a comeback and eventually made its way over to the United States.

While several breweries in the states have been brewing Gose’s for quite a while, this summer has brought an even larger number to the forefront. From craft giant Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez (launched in January) to small one-offs by local brewers, there’s never been a better time to find a Gose in the U.S.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve rounded up a few of our faves from the style to help point you in the right direction.

Emily is Paste’s Assistant Drink Editor and thinks Anderson Valley’s Briney Melon Gose is the best thing that’s happened to her beer fridge in years. You can share your gose suggestions with her directly on Twitter @Emily