9 Political-Themed Beers

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9 Political-Themed Beers

Oh man, back-to-back party conventions and the 24-hour news cycle—are you guys psyched for the election yet? We at Paste Drink think everyone should vote, especially beer drinkers. So we’ve found nine beers with political themes to help get you in the mood to cast your vote this election cycle. Drink up. It’s gonna be a bumpy few months.

Avery Brewing Ale to the Chief

Avery originally brewed this beer to celebrate Inauguration Day in 2009. Then they brewed it again in 2012. They're bringing it back for 2016, and we're pretty psyched.

BrewDog Hello My Name is Vladimir

BrewDog pulled this stunt after Russia passed anti-gay legislation. The Scottish brewery responded by putting Vlad in makeup on one of their beers.

Budweiser America

Is it overtly political to change your beer's name to your country? Maybe not. But what about if you release that beer with the slogan "America is in your hands," and announce that you'll keep the new labels until after the election. It becomes a little political then, right? And what if Trump takes credit for the name change?

Thirsty Dog Ale Unconventional Ale

The Ohio brewery released this beer to coincide with the Republican Convention, and dubbed it "conservatively hopped." My favorite is the serving recommendation: Best served in Red states.

Spiteful Brewing Dumb Donald

Spiteful named this double IPA after the Republican nominee because, "it's like he got caught in a pause halfway through evolution."

Dock Street Brewery Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drumpf

This isn't just one beer—it's an entire series of beers. The first in the lineup is Short Fingered Stout, which the brewery describes as "a bitter and delusional stout…" The next in the series is Man Full of Promises, a dry London porter.
Artwork by Alexis Anne Grant

5 Rabbit Cerveceria Chinga Tu Pelo

Need a translation? That's "Fuck Your Hair." This is the brewery that pulled their beer out of Trump Tower after Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants. The beer they pulled out of Trump Tower was called "Trump Golden Ale." They changed the name to "Fuck Your Hair."

Exile Brewing Chill Clinton

Exile named their double hemp amber after Bill. Hillary liked it so much she stopped in and bought a six pack. Really.

Zero Gravity Brewing Bernie Weisse

Back during the primary, this Vermont brewery made a "forward thinking" Berliner Weisse" in honor of Bernie. And just 3.2% ABV too.
Zero Gravity