6 Alcohol Delivery Services

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6 Alcohol Delivery Services

Over the past few years, booze delivery services have really taken off. Whereas you once used to head down to your local corner store (or that liquor store across town) to pick up libations for a last—minute party, now you can have them delivered to your home, sometimes in less than 30 minutes after you place an order.

For the most part, all alcohol delivery services offer the same thing: a way to get alcohol delivered to your home fast. Each one has its own pros and cons; however, as well as the towns it’s willing to deliver in. Here are some of the market leaders.



Drizly current operates in 22 different states and offers an interesting mix of booze you can get delivered to your door RIGHT NOW as well as bottles you can order to have delivered in 2-3 days. Delivery isn’t cheap. Both the instant and the delayed delivery have a $10 fee attached to them (which increases when you add more than one bottle). Depending on where you live, that puts you close to the cost of just getting an Uber to your favorite local liquor store. Given that Drizly’s prices are all that competitive, you would likely SAVE money with the Uber option over making an order.

That said, if you’re having a party and need a few more bottles or some mixers, Drizly could be a great solution in a pinch to get you what you’re looking for.



I wrote about Saucey last year when I got a refrigerator that allowed me to order beer using the service. They operate in a smaller number of cities than some of the other options: they’re currently in LA, SF, San Diego, Chicago, and Sacramento. In addition to beer, wine, and spirits you can also order snacks like chips, nuts, and cheeses through Saucy’s mobile app and website.



DoorDash is known for its food delivery, but the service recently added the ability to deliver booze as well. DoorDash operates in a ton of cities in California, Washington, Minnesota, New York, Chicago, and Texas, amongst others. One unique feature of DoorDash: You can buy a bottle of whiskey and a burger from Jack in the Box pretty much at the same time. Delivery fees are per establishment, and typically run $5 a pop.



MiniBar currently operates in cities around the United States including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, Nashville, Aspen, Miami, and Phoenix. More than just a place to buy wine, beer, liquor, and mixers, Minibar also offers the ability to book a bartender for your party directly on its site.



Like the other services, Klink allows you to purchase booze that will be delivered to your door in under and hour. When it comes to selecting that booze; however, the service offers a slightly different approach, allowing you to pick drinks by mood. For instance, if you choose“casual hangout” you can specify whether you’re having a guy’s night in or trying to impress a date. The Guy’s Night In suggestions are a 6-pack of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute and a bottle of bourbon and tequila. When you’re trying to impress a date, the service suggests a bottle of champagne or a cabernet.

Amazon Prime Now


If you happen to live in a city where Amazon’s Prime Now service is up and running, then you can order booze through it as well. Amazon offers free Prime Now deliveries (for Prime subscribers). You can select a 2-hour delivery windows when you order. So, if you decide during your lunch break to have friend over tonight to watch the game, you can schedule a booze delivery for after you’re home from work rather than having to stop by the store on your way home.